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Peak Performance Lab

Peak Performance Lab enables athletes to dramatically improve their performance – and train and compete at their peak. Our proprietary technology and heart rate variability training benefit athletes in many facets of performance and competition. You’ll train better, win more, and recover faster.

The Biggest Problem For Most Athletes…


The problem with most athletes – and people in general – is over-breathing, also known as hypocapnia. This occurs when athletes exhale too much CO², reducing the amount of oxygen sent to the muscles and brain.

Overbreathing can have many negative effects, occurring as quickly as 15 seconds. These include pain, fatigue, reduced endurance, weakness, muscle spasms and more. Overbreathing can also trigger or worsen emotional or psychological problems, by triggering fight or flight, shutdown, and more.

The Solution: Optimal Breathing and Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Peak Performance Lab helps athletes discover optimal breathing through HRV heart rate variability training. You’ll gain from improved CO² regulation, increased heart rate variability, and the synergy between the two. Optimal breathing is a learned behavior, essential to achieving your peak performance.

Athletes gain the awareness necessary to optimize respiratory fitness and increase heart rate variability for peak performance during training and competition. Though our sports performance training, you’ll learn how to better self-regulate breathing and heart rate, raise energy or relax, and more.

“The PPL program is a key piece to developing more complete athletes. The program is about awareness, and getting in the zone through optimal breathing and good Heart Rate Variability.”

Ted Murray, tennis instructor, former national director of India’s elite junior development program

We use the latest biofeedback and proprietary instruments to help you understand how you breathe, the effect on your blood chemistry, and its effect on your physiology.

We’re uniquely able to help athletes throughPeak Performance Lab

             30 years + experience in sports physiology and psychology

             Cutting-edge tools and technology

             Proprietary, highly-effective athlete education and training

We gather data on the three most critical components of respiratory fitness, comparing them side by side in real time. These three components are exhaled carbon dioxide at end of breath (ECO²), breath rate per minute (BPM), and heart rate variability (HRV).

Only our cutting-edge CapnoTrainer gathers data on these three key areas of respiratory fitness, and consolidates them in real-time, side-by-side, on one screen.

“Peak Performance Lab is a pioneer in filling a gap in athletic performance. Its work is second to none, its Heart Rate Variability program the best in the country.”

Dr. Peter Litchfield Ph.D., Director, Better Physiology Institute


We enable athletes to become aware of and master the benefits of Heart Rate Flexibility®

CO2 and HRV

CO2 and HRV

(HRF). HRF and optimal CO² breathing training enables athletes to more easily detect stress triggers, reduce them, and achieve peak performance.

Physical benefits of our training include improved oxygen absorption, increased blood flow and better electrolyte uptake. You’ll discover how to easily detect – and avoid – overexertion and over-training. The benefits include less pain, faster recovery, and increased endurance and strength.

Mental benefits include improved ability to get into the ideal performance zone, and better self-regulation under the stress of athletic competition. You gain more effective management of emotions, improved focus and concentration, and increased adaptability to performance situations.

The advantages give you the edge you need – and a deciding factor in a key competition.

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    Peak Performance Lab helps athletes and others maximize performance and quicken recovery through cutting-edge biofeedback testing and training.
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