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Physical Benefits

Our proprietary technology and training program benefits athletes in many facets of performance and competition. You’ll train better, gain a competitive edge, and recover faster. Here are some of the physical benefits of our performance training for athletes:

  • improved oxygen absorption
  • increased blood flow
  • better electrolyte uptake
  • optimum pH/acid balance
  • improved kidney function
  • decrease in lactic acid build up
  • superior hemoglobin chemistry
  • and more

Mental / Mind-Spirit Benefits

Our training goes beyond the physical, leveraging the connection between physiology and psychology for athletic peak performance.

Greater awareness of optimal breathing and increased heart rate variability (HRV) improves the ability to get into the ideal performance zone. This also leads to better physical and emotional self-regulation under the stress of athletic competition.  You gain more effective management of emotions, improved focus and concentration, and increased adaptability to performance situations.

The advantages should give you the edge you need, and be a deciding factor in an important competition.

The Problem With Typical Athlete Breathing

Did you know – chances are – much of what you’ve learned about breathing and heart rate is wrong.

The problem with most people – and athletes in particular – is over-breathing, also known as hypocapnia. This occurs when an athlete blows off too much  CO², leading to inefficient CO² regulation. This effects O² exchange. Using a capnometer instrument is the only way to assess proper breathing chemistry and HRV activity correlates to the breathing.

Overbreathing or hypocapnia can have many negative effects, which can occur quickly – in as little as 15 seconds and take precious time to recover. Physical repercussions can include fatigue, reduced endurance, weakness, pain, muscle spasms and more.

Overbreathing can also trigger or worsen emotional or psychological problems and seriously impact performance and health. It can trigger your body into undesirable stress modes such fight or flight, shutdown, and more. High HRV is one of the biggest indicators of peak performance known to the medical field.

Our Training – Optimum Athletic Respiration and Performance

Our applied psychophysiology and biofeedback is designed to help athletes learn and develop techniques for optimal breathing and increased HRV.

We start by capturing and analyzing the three most critical components.

  • carbon dioxide exhaled at the end of a breath (ECO²),
  • breath rate per minute (BPM)
  • heart rate Variability (HRV)

Compared with conventional breathing and HRV protocols, ours is superior because we use the most advanced technology of its kind, the CapnoTrainer. Only the CapnoTrainer gathers data on the three components, comparing them side by side in real time. For the most accurate and comprehensive results, we measure and analyze these key athletic data over a number of sessions and under diverse circumstances.

Next, through applied learning, guided exercises, and games, and independent exploration, athletes learn how to self-regulate breathing and rate heart, raise energy or relax, and more. We help you gain the awareness necessary to optimize breath and heart rate variability for peak athletic performance.

Our training helps athletes get into the peak performance zone faster, remain there longer, and recover more quickly. You’ll gain more strength, speed, and explosive power. Optimized breathing and increased HRV can make – or break – your performance, and be the deciding factor in an important competition.

By measuring and analyzing heart rate and waves, athletes gain insight into more breathing more effectively, and regulating carbon dioxide better. This is the key to increased respiratory fitness: being sensitive to the signs of anaerobic metabolism, and managing the limits of anaerobic threshold. Athletes will learn techniques to better achieve peak performance in training, competition and daily life.

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