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“Peak Performance Lab’s biofeedback is the best sports science addition I have found. The skier I coached this past season will have a better shot at making the U.S. Ski Team after working with Peak Performance Lab.”
John Bresnitz, Junior Olympics Coach

“Peak Performance Lab is a pioneer in filling a gap in athletic performance. Its work is second to none, its Heart Rate Variability program the best in the country.”
Dr. Peter Litchfield Ph.D., Director, Better Physiology Institute

“The PPL program is a key piece to developing more complete players. The program is about awareness, and getting in the zone more quickly through optimal breathing and good Heart Rate Variability.”
Ted Murray, tennis instructor, former national director of India’s elite junior development program

“Peak Performance Lab’s training program is the most comprehensive I’ve ever seen of its kind. Its training for optimal breathing and Heart Rate Variability is highly effective. There is a growing opportunity to use this in the sports.”
Dr. Edward Sullivan, Ph.D., Biofeedback Instructor and Sports Psychologist

“Peak Performance Lab’s approach enables athletes to avoid and reduce stress, pain and injuries. This allows for more integrative physical therapy, which speeds up recovery.”
Dr. Trevor Pace, Owner, PaceWest Physical Therapy

“Peak Performance Lab excels in using biofeedback to increase human performance, improve response to stress, and speed up recovery. While integrating psychology and physiology in new ways, the team helps athletes have more effective breathing, and improved heart health and cardio-respiratory functioning.”
Dr. Stephen Walker, Sports Psychologist, Podium Sports

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    Peak Performance Lab helps athletes and others maximize performance and quicken recovery through cutting-edge biofeedback testing and training.
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